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Common Faults

PC Ideals inspect and repair hundreds of machines per month from our local area alone, and many more from our nationwide repair services. Over the years we have collected a series of common faults that our technicians have seen on a regular basis in our workshop.

Hard Disk Drive Failure

The most common failure that we see in our workshop is the hard disk drive. This is a fragile mechanical component which stores all of your personal data, along with your Windows or Apple operating system software. This is not an expensive repair and we can usually recover most (if not all) or your data if required. A hard disk drive replacement is also a good excuse for expanding the original capacity of your system, providing you with more storage space than before the fault occured.

Memory (RAM) Failure

The RAM is the working memory of your computer. It is not used to store your personal data but is still important, as without it your computer simply cannot function because it has no "memory" to work with. The more RAM you have, the fastest your computer will run, and the more applications you can run at once. When we experience a RAM failure we can replace with the same capacity or upgrade to a higher component, resulting in a faster, more stable system.

Windows Corruption

Time after time we have experienced problems with Windows (or alternative operating systems) not booting correctly. This is usually down to a software fault for which there are many fixes that we can apply based on your individual circumstances. This type of repair is inexpensive and you can be up and running in next to no time. Your data is always preserved.

Liquid Damage

Many customers present us with computers that have been damaged by liquid. We can repair damaged laptops that have been subject to liquid damage, usually without replacing any parts. Our specialist cleaning solution and technical expertise allow us to repair your laptop without replacing the motherboard, resulting in a computer which is not beyond economical repair.

Power Connections / DC Jacks

If you ask your laptop manufacturer to repair your broken or faulty DC Jack then they will likely want to replace the motherboard. This would be an expensive repair and probably beyond the current value of your laptop. We can remove your old DC Jack, repair the damaged area, and solder on a brand new jack in its place saving you hundreds of pounds.


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