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Professional Apple Mac repairs and upgrades

• Professional diagnosis on Apple MacBooks and iMacs
• Repairs for Laptops and Desktops
• Upgrades for your Mac's RAM, HDD/SSD and Mac OS X

Mac Repairs

We repair Macbooks and Desktop Mac including
• Flashing Folder on startup
• Broken MacBook Screens
• Macbook Battery Replacement
• Internal iMac Repairs including No Power
• iMac Repairs HDD Failure or Replacement
And much more...

Mac Upgrades

Make your Macbook and Desktop Mac faster and more powerful:
• Increase the RAM
• Replace the HHD/SSD
• Update the Mac OS X to the latest version
And much more...

Check out the Mac-Shack for more information regaurding Mac repairs and upgrades.

Visit Mac-Shack.co.uk

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