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Motherboard Repairs

The motherboard is the core component of the entire laptop, and is where everything interconnects and talks to each other. Without a fully functional motherboard, you do not have a fully functional system. Many other computer repair outfits will write the laptop off as beyond economical repair if they encounter a motherboard failure, typically because a new motherboard could cost anywhere in the region of £ 200 to £300 in total.

The price of a replacement fitted motherboard therefore makes it beneficial to get your old motherboard repaired. This is a specialist task that requires the time, patience and expertise of a highly skilled technican, and is not usually found in your average high street store.

PC Ideals have years of experience in motherboard repair, and can literally save you hundreds of pounds. If your local computer repair shop has told you that your laptop is probably beyond economical repair then give us a call.

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