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Component Upgrades

PC Ideals are happy to undertake any upgrade requirements that you may have for your laptop, and can supply the correct compatible components for you at an affordable price.

A memory (RAM) upgrade is a quick, affordable way of improving system performance. The RAM is the working memory, so the more of it you have, the more you can do, at the same time. The recommended amount of RAM for Windows XP to run reliably is between 1GB and 2GB. The minimum recommend amount for Windows Vista and 7 is 2GB. Many manufacturers supply systems with lower than these amounts off the shelf, and you can see a real performance and stability increase by upgrading the RAM in your laptop.

An internal hard disk drive upgrade is also an effective way of increasing the total amount of storage space available. With a larger internal hard disk drive you can store more photos, music, documents and videos without having to carry around a bulky external drive or smaller capacity USB flash drives.

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